Announcing BC Nepali Sports Day 2016

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Dear Community Friends, Brothers and Sisters,

It gives us immense pleasure and excitement to announce that we, Nepal Cultural Society of BC [NCSBC] and Himalayan Soccer Club [HIMSOC] have planned to organize a fun filled ~BC Nepali Sports Day~ on Saturday, August 20, 2016 in Surrey, BC.

The main objective of the event is to bring out the spirit of participation, sports, fun, friendship and togetherness. Our motto: Live together, play together, healthy forever!

We come from a land of active living, our forefathers and some of us have stories…how we walked hours to fetch a pail of water or crossed couple of hills and dales by walk to reach schools and market place everyday and how we played hours under the sun! Sadly today, the art of active living and soulful playing has evolved to closed door entertainment and screens of all sizes have taken away our precious time to meet, mingle with a real person.

This event (:NepS Day:) is a humble team initiative and effort to bring back those glorious days of `playing outside’ and your participation will make a collective community effort to have a reason to come out and play.

This call and invitation is for all our community youths and adults, who are looking for an opportunity to play their favorite sport and relive their childhood days, school days, college days, university days…It is nice to flex and stretch our muscles, accelerate our heart beats and mingle with our comrades to giggle, laugh and play. Once we youths and adults come out, our tiny tots will follow us! (: Isn`t it so? They say so!:)

We aim to have fun and our goal is to encourage maximum participation. We plan to have following tournaments and competition:

· Badminton (Mens & Womens- Youths and Adults)

· Volleyball (Mens & Women are welcome to participate and may have to join for a mix team)

· Youth basketball (Youth boys)

· Soccer (Mens)

· 3K Run (Mens & Womens)

· Dandibiyo (Nepal’s National Sport, exhibition game for fun)

· Table Tennis ( We plan to organize a separate tournament in fall/winter)

A detailed information where to send your names for participation, games, venue and practice sessions is coming soon!

Hold tight:)


Organizing Team,


August 20, 2016
Live together. Play together. Healthy forever.