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Nepal Cultural Society of BC

Welcome to the Nepal Cultural Society of British Columbia (NCSBC), a community organization of people of Nepali origin & friends of Nepal in BC, Canada.

About Us

About us

Welcome to the Nepal Cultural Society of British Columbia (NCSBC), a community organization of people of Nepali origin & friends of Nepal in BC, Canada. NCSBC was established in 1998 with the primary purpose of promoting unique Nepali culture and historical identity while helping fellow community members build a prosperous and meaningful future.

The history of Nepalese in BC is relatively new; they began immigrating here in the early 1980s. Until the early 2000s, there were a handful of Nepalese here but we’ve grown to well over 2000 today.

From its humble beginning in 1998, NCSBC today has become a common forum for sharing ideas and information among us. It has done a truly remarkable job in helping our fellow community members integrate with the Canadian society while cultivating a sense of Nepaliness among them and their children. The society runs interaction forums and summer language classes and at the same time celebrates Dashain, Tihar, New Years, and other multicultural events, which are so special to our community.

Our community

As a community, we believe we have made a positive difference to the advancement of fellow Nepalis in BC while contributing to its economy and cultural vitality. From the footsteps of mighty Himalayas to the mountains of BC, we have come a long way and we are extremely proud of what we have accomplished thus far as we strive for a better future tomorrow.

Our Mission

Bringing the Community Together

We want to share and maintain Nepalese culture in our community, educate the youth, and build strong relations within our members.

A Word

From Our President

“Over 28 years ago, our senior colleagues and dedicated community members envisioned and founded an organization, NCSBC. Nepalese community acknowledge the fact that since its establishment, NCSBC has been serving our community with best of its capacity. It has been providing a common platform for Nepalese and others who share Nepalese culture to celebrate and share plethora of experiences through different events throughout the year. 

Today, I am honored and humbled to be chosen by the Nepali community as a new President (2019-2021) of the oldest Nepalese organization, Nepal Cultural Society of British Columbia (NCSBC). The NCSBC’s with the mission of bringing community together, has formed a team of seven dedicated board of directors (BoDs) along with one youth representative. On behalf of new BoDs, I would like to thank all of you for giving us the opportunity to serve you and our community. We strive for your ongoing support and active participation in the different cultural activities of NCSBC throughout the year.

The dedicated team has been working together to best serve the community with all their expertise in the area. I along with my team strongly encourage you all to provide feedbacks and suggestions from on improving future services and events.

We will always remember our proud heritage. 

We look forward for all your cooperation and guidance.

– Kalyan Thapa






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Nepali New Year Party

Celebrate the new year with the community.

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Fusion Festival

Surrey Fusion Festival is one of the largest and longest running multicultural festivals in Canada.

Event Info

Surrey Fusion Festival is one of the largest and longest running multicultural festivals in Canada that displays music, food and culture representing every corner of the world. In 2018, this two-day-annual-event attracted over 100,000 people from BC and all over Canada[1]. The 2019 Fusion Festival is planned for July 20-21st.

NCSBC has been participating in the Surrey Fusion festival for over a decade. NCSBC recognizes this event as an important platform to showcase our culture, food, and attractions: an overall Nepali way of life. Participation at the festival also satisfies one of the key purposes of NCSBC’s existence, “To promote Nepali culture amongst residents of British Columbia”.



Northwest Pacific Jamghat


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News & Announcements

Nepali Community Survey – 2021

Nepali Community Survey – 2021

An important issue discussed during the 2020 NCSBC AGM was on the paucity of data on status and distribution of people of Nepali origin residing in the Province of British Columbia. The general agreement during the discussion was that we lack knowledge of the...

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Kalyan Thapa, President of NCSBC

Telephone: (604) 803 8256

Email: info@ncsbc.org


You can read our bylaws here.