This page lists interesting facts and anecdotes on the history of NCSBC, its formation in its almost three decades of existence.

Internet domain: On 2003 October 12, the internet domain of ncsbc.org was first registered by Madhu Acharya. Funds for registration and hosting was shared between himself and Raj Sidgel.

The first website: The first snapshot of the ncsbc.org website as taken by archive.org was 15 October, 2003. You can click on the next button on this link to see the updates made then! You can clearly see the three flags of Canada, Nepal and British Columbia and a “Swagatam” in Nepali on the landing page. Webmaster was Pramoj Malla and Web Consultant was Madhu Acharya. Back them, it looks like there were newsletters produced at least three times a year! The first newsletter!
Update: vcn.bc.ca is still hosting the site from 2003 – check it out here: vcn.bc.ca/~ncsbc/welcome.html

How it started: The concept of NCSBC was first arrived at on a park bench in front of Vancouver aquarium in Stanley Park. This triggered the creation of the formal organization. An ad-hoc team was formed under the leadership of Naresh Koirala on 27 December, 1998 at the residence of Deb Gurung in Surrey to proceed with the registration of the organization. NCSBC was then formally registered in March of 1999. NCSBC’s logo was originally designed by Shyam Manandhar. (From chats with Suresh Bhatta)

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