Other Organizations

Our community in BC is involved in various initiatives, the following is a quick list:

Not for profits

Non-profit that works to consolidate people-to-people connections between Canada and Nepal

Non profit that provides for students so they can continue going to school.

Gorkhali Sports Club – GSC

Sports club in Victoria, BC

A sports club dedicated to playing Cricket

A club dedicated to sports.

A registered charity that aims at advancing religion by teaching religious tenets, doctrines, and observances associated with the Hindu and Buddhist faith.

Non profit that brings fresh drinking water to remote villages in Nepal.

Registered society in BC that arranges and organizes Mhapuja every year.

A registered charity organization registered under BC Society Act.

Registered charity promoting literacy in Nepal by supporting library development.

  • Nepal Literary Society, Canada

Literary society that celebrates Nepali literary icons and discusses their works

Nepali Women’s Association of BC is a network of women building social support to celebrate, honour and advocate for women & children.

Nepalis Soccer Club in Vancouver


  • Aadhaar Enterprise Inc.

For profit investment group that has interests in hospitality business.

  • Columbini Limited Partnership

An investment group with 40 acres of land in Abbotsford with the mission of creating Nepali heritage living in Canada

Regional Organizations in BC

Nepali community in the Okanagan Valley, BC

Nepali community in Vancouver Island, BC

For Nepali Community Organizations in other provinces of Canada, head over here.